4 Best Backup Methods for Your Travel Document

You’ve seen this recommendation before – from us and many other travel experts – have copies of your travel documents, but what travel documents are we talking about and how should you bring a copy of your documents?

Before we discuss how can be more easily achieved, let us discuss why having a copy of your travel document is required.

Losing your shoes can be a true hassle on the go. losses that can even cost you money to replace them, but your loss of identification documents and travel is much, much worse for three reasons:

They take longer to replace
They are harder to replace in a foreign country
Depending on what you lose, you may not be able to get home on your schedule – and it could cost you more money

If your passport is stolen in a foreign country where the US embassy is understaffed or closed for any reason, you can wait a long time to get a replacement. With a copy of that document, you can speed up the process.

Next, let’s discuss which document you should back up or copy.
List of travel documents to return

Since 2008/09/11, security between countries has become increasingly stringent. Authorities at airports, terminal trains, and ferry docks have become very strict about proper documentation and whether you’re visiting the US or an American citizen traveling abroad, it’s important to have the papers in order; However, this is not the only document you should have a copy of your trip.

Depending on where you are traveling, you will want to make the following 2 printed copies:

Passport (identification page)
Travel insurance
Driver’s license
Health information (see What is my Basic Medical Info? For details)
Credit cards (see Do not travel with a copy of your bank card, we have a much better system for innovative ways to secure your credit card numbers.)
traveler’s checks, although we’re not sure anyone is using this again
Travel plans
Flight ticket
Hotel or booking confirmation lodgings
confirmation of car rental reservations
Cruise tickets
vaccination certificates (Some countries require vaccination certificates for certain infectious diseases, for example, tourists entering Venezuela from certain countries required to present yellow fever vaccination certificates today.)
Another pre-paid confirmation

You will leave one copy printed at home and give one copy to a friend or relative who can be contacted should you need them sent to you. Copy at home for your next closest family. Not to be terrible, but if you die on this trip, you want them to be able to collect your travel insurance policy and they will need details to do that.

Another copy in your case can not access your electronic copy for some reason, and we’ll talk about that next.

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