Trip to Iran Visit to the cities of Kashan, Yadz, Abarkuh with useful tips

Our trip to Iran lasted 14 days; it was a classic tour; the most famous stages Tehran, Esfahan and Shiraz (with a visit to nearby Persepolis).

This is the interactive map with our stages, day after day.

Among the cities that most left me a pleasant memory, there are three of which two are well known and easily known by those who visited or planned to visit Iran Kashan and Yazd. The least known, where we stopped in the long way to Esfahan was Abarkuh.

These three different and peculiar places have had the merit of leaving a pleasant recollection in my journey in a different way and that is why I am recommending a break in each of them in the design of a travel itinerary in Iran.

its quiet atmosphere greeted us and did not leave us until we left Kashan.

Arrived from Tehran after a break in the religious Qom, being in Kashan meant to return to a certain normality of rhythms, customs, traffic, distances.

Kashan is a pleasant city to spend a day visiting its traditional houses, spending hours in its bazaar perhaps the most authentic among those visited, Shahzaden-ye Ibrahim Shrine at its doors and the Bagh-e-Fin complex .

The traditional houses were my first stop in this city. Testimony of the nineteenth-century merchants’ wealth are scattered in the old town built with desert dry sandstone walls. Some still in the process of restoration, many transformed into museums, hotels or still today, are worth a visit. Perhaps the most famous is Tabatabaei House. The house was the home of an ancient carpet merchant, still very common craft in Kashan, and is located in a neighborhood populated by several traditional homes that were looking forward to having the most prestigious residence.

Though similar to each other, this, perfectly restored, tells you through its visit through architecture, gardens, fountains, finely decorated vaults, arrangement of rooms (summer and winter), sunlit windows, wind towers , life, style, Persian art of the 19th century. It’s worth a visit, getting lost in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere imagining how it could be lived between this really one thousand and one night walls.

When you are going to visit the houses, it is recommended to spend a good slice of your time shopping (recommended carpets and extracts and rose water of a very precious quality typical in this area).

By leaving Kashan you can visit two important sites. Bagh-e-Fin, a lush park that stands in contrast to the deserted area. A series of turquoise bathtubs with water features capture water from a natural source. Its importance is also historic because in this complex an Iranian national hero died Minister Mirza Taqi Kabir.

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